GOTW5: Kovalyov KO's Anand!

Anton Kovalyov won his round 2 match against Vishy Anand by drawing their second game. This is a huge upset both in terms of experience and rating: Anand is the five time World Champion, and outrated Kovalyov by 245 points. Game with notes below...

The former World Champion allowed an early Queen exchange but managed to stir up enough complications against Anton's super-solid 1.c4 2.g3 opening that he definitely had chances, but Kovalyov played accurately and Anand offered a draw on move 31. 

Round 3: Kovalyov plays the winner of the match betwen Michael Adams (ENG) and Maxim Rodshtein (ISR), which looks to be Rodshtein, who has a big advantage in their second game...

screencap: Kovalyov and Anand shake hands at the end of game 2.2. 

  Live Games (7am EST)

The ChessBrahs (Eric Hansen, Robin van Kampen and Aman Hambleton in Montreal) + Yasser Seirawan (Seattle/Netherlands) are doing live commentary. Today they were joined by GM Nils Grandelius, which was a lot of fun:

Official Site (GM Ivan Sokolov and guests, with HQ onsite video):

Note: the chess24 link gives visitors the choice of either of the above streams, or others in German, Russian or Spanish, as well as a choice of which game to watch on their demo board. 


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