GOTW2: 2017 World Cup - Rd1.2

The second games from round 1 at the World Cup were played today. Canadians won both their games yesterday and so needed only draws to advance to the second round. Anton Kovalyov drew as White, which gives him a day off before playing his second round opponent: Vishy Anand. Bator Sambuev lost as Black and so will play a rapid/blitz tie-break against Wei Yi tomorrow.

Games with notes in the player below.

Round 1.1 games:

photo: screencap of Wei Yi and Bator Sambuev, with GM Ivan Sokolov and WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili commenting.

Live Games (7am EST)

The ChessBrahs (Eric Hansen, Robin van Kampen and Aman Hambleton in Montreal) + Yasser Seirawan (Seattle) are doing live commentary

Official Site (GM Ivan Sokolov and guests)


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