GOTW: Hambleton - Ivanisevic, Biel Masters 201

IM Aman Hambleton continues his GM Norm Quest at the 2017 Biel Masters. After 5 of 9 rounds he is right on target: =3rd-8th with 4/5 and a 2627 TPR.

Aman started by proving that jet lag would not be a problem, finishing =1st in the Fischer Random/960 event. He lost in round 2 to the occasionally brilliant Salem Saleh (2638, UAE), but won his next three games. 

Canadian Hugues Masse it also playing in the Biel Masters. He lost to a GM in round 1, but has bounced back to 50%, including two draws against IMs in rounds 4 and 5.

Our Game of the Week is Aman's Round 5 win over Serbian GM Ivan Ivanisevic (2623) at the 2017 Biel Masters. From the diagram it is White to play.

2017 Biel Chess Festival
July 22 - Aug 2, 2017

The 50th Biel Chess Festival earns the name "Festival" with multiple events: 

  • A rapid tournament to open featured Karpov, Vaganian and Hort along with the players from the GM tournament.
  • The GM tournament is a 10-player RR, topped by Pentala Harikrishna and David Navara (2737) and includes Peter Leko, Alexander Morozevich and Hou Yifan.
  • The Masters Tournament is a 9-round Swiss with 14 players over 2600 and top seed GM Sam Shankland. Two Canadians are playing in the masters group: Hugues Massé and IM Aman Hambleton, who is going after his final GM Norm.
  • There is a also a blitz tournament, a youth tournament, and a Fischer Random/960 event, where Aman finished =1st.

Homepage (includes free video and commentary with GMs Daniel King and Joe Gallagher)


Aman Hambleton at the Biel Masters

Aman has broadened his repertoire in his effort to get his last GM Norm. He used to be a predictable 1.d4 player, but has recently played both 1.e4 and now 1.c4 against 2600+ players. For previous games, see:

1.e4: Hambleton - Vovk, Canadian Open 2017

1.d4: Hambleton - L'Ami, Reykjavik 2017

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