GOTW: Kleinman - Vigorito, 2017

Our Game of the Week is FM Michael Kleinman's sacrificial win over IM David Vigorito at the IM Norm Invitational at the Charlotte Chess Centre and Scolastic Academy in South Carolina, from March.

The GM/IM Norm Invitational at the CCCSA was a set of three 10-player RRs. Three Canadians played:

  • IM Aman Hambleton played in the GM group and started with 3 wins, but scored only 2 draws in his final 4 games
  • FM Michael Kleinman scored 4 in the first IM group
  • FM Yuanchen Zhang scored 5 in the second IM group.
Aman's win over FM Gauri Shankar

It is White to move in the diagram.
Spoiler: Highlight to view
Calculate Rxe6, and be on the lookout for very different types of defence from Black.
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