GOTW: Sambuev - Le Siège, Carnaval 2017

Our Game of the Week is GMs Bator Sambuev vs Alexandre Le Siège, 2017 Tournoi du Carnaval, with notes by GM Sambuev.


Tournoi d'échecs du Carnaval 2017
February 17-19, 2017

137 players competed in the 2017 Carnaval tournament in Quebec City. 

The top section featured 2 GMs, 1 IM, and 4 FMs. GMs Alexandre Le Siège and Bator Sambuev drew each other (our GOTW below) and won all their other games to finish as cowinners and take home $1500 each. Steve Bolduc and Qiuyu Huang tied for 3rd with 4/5 ($550 each).

The other titled players all finished out of the money: IM Thanh Nha Duong (3.5), and the FMs -- Olivier-Kenta Chiku-Ratte, Joe Horton (lost to Le Siège in rd.5), Robert Hamilton, and Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (lost to Le Siège in rd.3) -- each finished with 3.

Special mention to Mathieu Poulin, who scored 3.5/5, played no one who finished outside the top 12, beat IM Duong and FM Chiku-Ratte, earned a TPR of 2442, lost only to cowinner Sambuev in the final round... but still had to share the U2200 prize.

Matthieu J.-Constantin was the only player at Carnaval to win a section outright: 4.5/5 to take the U2000 and $1500 first prize.


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Alex has previously annotated several of his games for the CFC Newsfeed, including:


Our Game of the Week is the round 4 draw between the top seeds and cowinners GM Bator Sambuev and GM Alexandre Le Siège, featuring notes by GM Bator Sambuev.

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