Tactics: Defeat the Kraken!

The last round of the regular season for the PRO Chess League was played Wednesday, February 22 on chess.com.

The Montreal ChessBrahs and Toronto Dragons had already both secured playoff spots, but a good finish on Wednesday could secure first-round playoff byes for both teams. Toronto demolished the Buenos Aires Krakens 11-5, but missed the bye on tie-break -- to the Krakens, of all teams -- and so will play the Miami Champions (top player: Hikaru Nakamura) in the first round of the playoffs on March 1. 

Montreal beat the Philadelphia Inventors 8.5-7.5, which combined with their earlier strong results to get the bye. That one-point victory would not have happened without the following upset win in first game of the match. 

Raven Sturt went to McGill, and so played for the ChessBrahs. Despite being outrated by 250 points, he out-comboed 2600+ GM Andrey Vovk in a complex position for the upset of the round.

It's White to play in the diagram.

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