GOTW: IM Yang vs FM Plotkin, Hart House, 2017.


IM Kaiqi Yang won the 2017 Hart House Reading Week Open with 5.5/6. He conceded a draw to IM Nikolay Noritsyn in round 4 and beat  IM Tomas Krnan in the final round. Noritsyn was second with 5/6 and Yuanchen Zhang was clear 3rd with 4/6.

Our Game of the Week is Yang's round 3 win over FM Victor Plotkin. Yang plays what I'm going to call an accelerated anti-Meran: playing e3-e4 earlier than usual (see diagram) and then castling long!? It's rare, but looks very strong against Black's slighly insipid ...Be7.

Congratulations to TD Alex Ferreira for getting 158 players, and thanks for posting the games on


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