Tactics: Penguin eats Dragon

On February 15, 2017, the Toronto Dragons played the Pagonia Penguins. The teams were evenly matched, with 2 GMs, 1 IM and 1 FM each. Toronto won, 9.5 - 6.5, almost entirely on the strength of IM Nikolay Noritsyn's perfect 4:0 result.

This week's Canadian Tactic comes from the round 6 PRO Chess League game between Toronto Dragons' FM Shiyam Thavandiran and the Patgonia Penguins' GM Fernando PeraltaTheir game was interesting right out of the opening: a Caro-Kann that reached a new position after 5 moves, followed by a complex middlegame where Black played inventively to grab the initiative and the full point.  

Black has just played ...Nd4. What should White do? (very complex).

Hint: this one is complicated. Please, consider the following:


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(listed here in alpha-numerical order) 



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 Round:  Result: