2017 WWCh Rd.1.1: Pogonina - Zhou

Round 1 game 1 of the 2017 Women's World Championship was played today in Tehran. 

It is a 64-player knock-out tournament for the Women's World Championship. Format: Two game matches, one game per day, followed by rapid tie-breaks (if neceesary) on the third day. After 5 rounds, the two finalists will play a best-of-four match.


2016 Canadian women's Champion WIM Qiyu Zhou is playing.
In round 1, Qiyu is paired against GM Natalija Pogonina (RUS), who was the runner-up in 2014 to the winner, Mariya Muzychuk. It's a tough, but not impossible pairing for Qiyu. In 2014, Canadian Yuanling Yuan won her first match game against the eventual winner, Mariya Muzychuk, but lost the second game and the tie-break to the eventual World Champion.

Round 1

"Round 1 started on time with FIDE president on site, and visited every board.

Every board has one individual place with the big portrait of the two players on the wall above them, and is supervised by one International Arbitor. Spectators are not allowed in after the first 10 mintues. Coffee, tea, water and snacks are provided to players. No pens, watches, and communication devices are allowed in."

- Penny Zhou (Qiyu's mom)

Qiyu was responsible for one of the upsets: holding 2014 runner-up Natalia Pogonina to a draw with Black!!
Game with notes below. Photos and other media will be on the CFC Newsletter facebook page later today.

Round 1: game 2: February 12, 2017: Zhou - Pogonina


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