GOTW: Kleinman - Qin, CUCC, 2017.

Canada has a new 2500+ CFC-rated player: Joey [Zi Yi] Qin, who was in crushing form at the 2017 Canadian University Chess Championship.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is Joey's round 2 win over the #3 rated player, McGill's Board 1, FM Michael Kleinman, annotated by the winner.

The Canadian University Chess Championship was played January 14-15, 2017, at Western University in Ontario. 24 teams played. U of T 'A' won the Open section, and McMaster 'A' won the Reserve section.

The top-rated player was University of Waterloo's Joey Qin, who entered the event at 2481 CFC, but hadn't played a rated event in 18 months. Despite the layoff, he scored 4.5/5, defeating: Tony Bao (Queen's, 1962), Michael Kleinman (McGill, 2353), Mate Marinkovic (Ottawa/Carleton, 2269), and Mike Ivanov (UofT, 2353), and was held to a draw by David Itkin (Western, 2276). That was good for a TPR of 2564, and raised his CFC rating to 2502, and #13 in Canada! Those numbers may well understate Joey's strength: in his previous weekend event (2015 TORO) he defeated GM Bator Sambuev and WIM Qiyu Zhou, and drew with IM Aman Hambleton and IM Jean Hebert (see photo) and earned a 2658 TPR.


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