WYCC Gold Medal Game

Going in to the final round, Canada's Qiyu Zhou was tied for 1st with Oliwia Kiolbasa from Poland with 8/10. They had played to a draw in round 10.   If both players won or drew, they would be tied for first and the title would be decided by tie-breaks. At the start of the round all three of their tie-breaks were equal. So if they were tied at the end of the round (e.g. if both won or drew) the title would be determined by the Bucholtz system, which (basically) sums adds the points scored by each of the player's opponents. This means that the the title would be determined by the unpredictable results of over a dozen games played all over the hall!


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And so, as of 8:39am, EST, we wait for the tie-breaks...  :(