Event Report 2014 Keres Memorial

A 6 round FIDE and CFC rated Swiss


May 17-19, 2014


$4000 in prizes guaranteed


The 39th Annual Keres Memorial drew 96 players.   This is comparable to last year, although a little disappointing as we had been hoping for a modest uptick in numbers.    However, although the total participation is the same, this masks a huge structural shift in who is actually playing.  Five years ago when we (Victoria Chess) took over running the Keres, the U1600 group was typically 10-12 players, almost an afterthought.    Numbers in that section had gone up in the last few years to the mid 20 range which we had attributed (perhaps incorrectly) to sensitivity to the lower entry fees that we had tried for this group.   This year, the U1600 section was a mammoth 50 players with attendance in the top two sections an anemic 50%-75% of previous years.   Perhaps U1600 is a misnomer - it's actually the large number of U1200 players, typically juniors, who made most of the difference.


One consequence of the smaller top section is that it was a little tougher than usual.   Games between contenders for 1st started as early as round 2.    Ultimately perennial favourite Georgi Orlov took 1st place giving up 2 draws along the way.   Visiting IM Dietmar Kolbus (for the third year!) tied with FM Jason Cao for 2nd.


This year marks 5 years that Victoria Chess has taken on the Keres.   It will be our last - we are finding new organizers to pass the torch on to.  Stay tuned to the BCCF website or this website's home page for updates on details for the 40th Annual Keres Memorial in 2015.


More details on the tournament website (including games and standings).