BOTW: 2018.02.03

PRO Chess League: Super Saturday & Super Sunday

February 3 and 4, 2018

This weekend the PRO Chess League features matches between divisions. On Saturday, it's Atlantic vs Pacific, and Sunday it is East vs Central. This weekend the teams play head-to-head matches, and at a faster time control to fit in all the games.

Top players this weekend include:

Saturday: Shak Mamedyarov (San Jose Hackers), Hikaru Nakamura (Seattle Sluggers), Fabiano Caruana (St.Louis Arch Bishops), and Le Quang Liem (Webster Windmills).

Sunday: Magnus Carlsen (Norway Gnomes), MVL (Marseille Migraines), and Yu Yangyi (Chengu Pandas).

The Montreal Chessbrahs play on Saturday with an all Canadian lineup: GM Eric Hansen, GM (elect) Aman Hambleton, IM Raja Panjwani, and IM Shiyam Thavandiran.

The Professional Rapid Online (PRO) Chess League features 32 teams play in four RR divisions, each round playing one other team of four in a Schevenningen format (a RR against everyone on the other team) at 15min + 2 sec per game. 


Live Games see and twich (start: Sat: 6pm EST; Sun: 11 am EST)

GM Pascal Charbonneau interview on Perpetual Chess

Perpetual Chess is a weekly podcast produced by US master Ben Johnson, who talks to chess players about their lives and games. It was previously featured and reviewed on the Newsfeed here:

This week's guest is Canadian GM Pascal Charbonneau, who lives in the US and works as a hedge fund analyst, but still plays chess online. Pascal plays in the PRO Chess League for the Montclair Sopranos (that's their logo at the top). He is not playing this weekend, but he had one big week in last year's tournament where he showed very little rust against a line up of some of Canada's top players:  IM Nikolay Noritsyn, GM Tomas Roussel-Roozmon, GM Bator Sambuev, and GM Razvan Preotu.  Against the Toronto Dragons Pascal scored 3-1. You can play through those games with notes on the CFC Newsfeed (link below).


  • 3:10 -  Working in Finance 
  • 8:46 -  First job (with Sid Belzberg) and networking
  • 18:10 - full time job + family = no time to study, no opening prep
  • 26:30 - Diet Exercise Crossfit 
  • 33:40 - Canadian chess
  • 41:25 - win over Anand (game in player below)
  • 46:00 - proudest chess moment (blitz vs Karpov in Kansas) and playing other stars
  • 54:40 - chess weaknesses (uneven, poor opening prep, nervous pregame to the point of sickness)
  • 57:45 - learning the game and early improvment, match vs Miladinovich, dial-up online FICS play
  • 62:50 - books and improvment advice (LGMT, Z53)

Perpetual Chess

Charbonneau 3 - Toronto 1

Montclair Sopranos Homepage (includes Pascal Charbonneau, and WIM Yuanling Yuan)

Charbonneau - Anand,  Turin Olympiad 2006.

This may be Pascal's most famous game, and is discussed in the Perpetual Chess podcast featured above,


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