Anti-Grunfelds at the 2018 Ontario Junior Championship

The 2018 Ontario Junior was held January 27-29, 2018 at the Erindale United Church in Mississauga. 

FM Nicholas Vettese won the 2018 Ontario Junior with 5/5. Eric Ning was second with 4/5. Top seed Eugene Hua (2399) withdrew after winning his first game!? WFM Constance Wang was top girl, with 2.5/5. Raymond Gao won the U1800 in a play-off over Eric Wang. Richard Han won the U1300 with 5/5.

Thanks to:

  • Elevate My Chess, Ken Green and Gary Hua, and Mikhail Egorov, for organizing the event; 
  • the Mississauga Chess Club for hosting;
  • IA Danny Goldenberg for keeping the ruffians in check.


Homepage (including photo and game links)

Report by Gary Hua

photo: FM Nicholas Vettese, on the Black side of one of the three (?!) anti-Grunfelds he faced over five rounds. 

Although the anti-Grunfelds scored badly, it wasn't because Black came out of the opening with an advantage... or even equality. Rather, these games were decided like most are: by good moves versus mistakes after move 25.

Our two annotated games are: Hay - Vettese, and Atanasov - Ning.

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