GOTW: +2 and lost!

Magnus Carlsen is the World Champion and rated 2830, and that seems to mean he can give piece odds to a mere 2630 GM and still win.
The Dragon is so bad that even when you're a piece up you are still almost lost!

Those were the kinds of semi-jokes making the rounds Sunday after Carlsen blundered a piece in a known position in the Dragon against Gawain Jones at the TATA Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee, and yet still managed to win.

When reviewing this game before round 5 at the Ottawa Winter Open, GM Bator Sambuev said he had (mis)played the same opening as in Carlsen-Jones, and rather than get a bad position with no play against an FM, he sacrificed his queen... and won! I found that game and annotated it, along with another Carlsen game in the same variation when he survived against 2700+ Peter Leko.

The three games are preceeded by an Opening Survey on this 10.Qe1 line against the Dragon.

In all three games, one player was at least +2... and did not win, and in two of them they lost.


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