BOTW: 2017.09.23

Isle of Man International
September 23 - October 1, 2017

The strongest Swiss of the year and -- with the current World Champion and his two immediate predecessors -- one of the strongest swiss tournaments ever. In addition to the World Champs, it has 67 GMs, including 13 over 2700:

Rank Name FED Rtg
1 Carlsen Magnus  NOR 2827
2 Kramnik Vladimir  RUS 2803
3 Caruana Fabiano  USA 2799
4 Anand Viswanathan  IND 2794
5 Nakamura Hikaru  USA 2781
6 Adams Michael  ENG 2738
7 Gelfand Boris  ISR 2737
8 Eljanov Pavel  UKR 2734
9 Vallejo Pons Francisco  ESP 2716
10 Almasi Zoltan  HUN 2707
11 Naiditsch Arkadij  AZE 2702
12 Vidit Santosh Gujrathi  IND 2702
13 Howell David W L  ENG 2701

Other Notables include a FIDE World Champion, two World Championship Challengers, and two Women's World Champions:

14 Short Nigel D  ENG 2698
17 Leko Peter  HUN 2679
18 Kasimdzhanov R  UZB 2676
22 Hou Yifan  CHN 2670
31 Shirov Alexei  LAT 2630
44 Timman Jan H  NED 2573
52 Kosteniuk A  RUS 2552

Canadians in Master Group:

  • IM Aman Hambleton
  • IM Leon Piasetski

GM Eric Hansen  was listed on the site a week ago, but is not listed there the night before. That's because he has decided to be Aman's second, to help him get his final GM Norm (and a shave).

Round 1 Novelty
Pairings for round 1 were done at random which has resulted in the #3 and #2 seeds
 Caruana - Kramnik paired against each other in round 1.


Live Games


Standings and Results

Note: the image above is not the symbol of some cabal of James Bond villains; it's the center of the Isle of Man flag. 


September 16-25, 2017

The World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC) takes place in Montevideo, Uruguay. For the first year the WYCC has only the U14, U16 and U18 players, with the U8, U10 and U12 held in the World Cadet Championships.

16 Canadians are playing. After 7 rounds:

  • the top Canadian is Richard Chen with 5/7 in the U16. 
  • Next up, with 4.5/7, are: Rohan Talukdar, Sergey Noritsyn, and Adam Gaisinsky (all U14), and Svitlana Demchenko (U14G). 
  • As a whole, the Canadian team is up 133 rating points.

Full Canadian Team Stangings:

Photos of Canadian Team (thanks to HOD Christina Tao)

2017 WYCC Homepage

2017 World Cup 

Lev Aronian and Ding Liren qualifed for the Candidates by finishing atop their halves of at the World Cup. They play a four game match for bragging rights and more money. Regardless of the outcome, Ding will be the first Chinese man to qualify for the Candidates.

Anyone still interested in goings on in Zurab's fiefdom can find links elsewhere.