Canadian Game of the Week

Game of the Week - Zhu,H vs. Luo,Z

The "Jeunes Espoirs" tournament which translates to Young Hopes was held in late June to give Quebec chess juniors a chance to play against one another. I chose a game which features an attack which could have been parried but ends up working due to several inaccuracies by black.

Game of the Week - Shebetah vs. Orlova

This week's game between Wajdy Shebetah and WNM Liza Orlova from the Hart House Winter Open back in January is one of the most interesting games I have annotated to date. Be sure not to miss it!

Game of the Week - Hambleton vs. Berson

One of Canada's strongest players of late is my good friend Aman Hambleton. He has been playing all over South America and Europe, and, fortunately, he has still had time to play here in Canada.

Game of the Week - Harris vs. McLaren

An exciting game from the BC Senior Championship early this year is on the menu this week. The following game is a fight back and forth where the advantage changes hands several times. If you play the Queen's Gambit, this game should be of particular interest.

Game of the Week - Doubleday vs. Zhou,Q

Today, I will annotate a game from the Gatineau Open between the current Canadian Senior Champion and the top rated 13-year-old girl in the country. White's opening is appropriate for such an occasion (solid and strategic), yet he is unable to avoid tactics altogether as is often the case.

Game of the Week - Daniluk vs. Persaud

Good evening chess fans. This week's game was played at the March of Kings, a yearly tradition at the Calgary Chess Club. Black's opening goes wrong in the following game, and white exploits his troubles with some neat moves. Have a look.

Game of the Week - Derraugh vs. Preotu

Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a good long weekend. The game I chose for this week's game of the week was from March at the Kitchener Winter Open.

Game of the Week - Evans,B vs. Peev,P

This week's game was played back in February at the Annex Chess Club in Toronto. It is uncommon that a player rated 200 points less gets to "miniature" his opponent, but that was the case in the following game. Enjoy!  

Game of the Week - Hebert vs. Laptos

Hello, everyone! This is the first game that I will be analyzing as part of my weekly "Canadian Game of the Week" contribution to this newsfeed. I hope you enjoy the games I select each week, and don't hesitate to send me your games if you would like them to be featured here.


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