Upcoming Events: 2018.06-07

With only 22 chess events acrosss Canada in June and July, who can doubt this is the end of the beginning of the end of chess in Canada?! 

Find an event, and pay your last respects, while there's still time...*


2018 Canadian Summer Majors

If you haven't done so yet, it's not too late to book your summer chess trips to the major Canadian tournaments of the year: Quebec City, Montréal, Calgary, and Toronto await...

BOTW (not!): 2018.05.18

Not the Best of the Web features two competitions which ought to create some buzz, but bad internet presence makes them both evidence for the prosecution...

Upcoming Events: 2018.05-06

Only 33 chess tournaments across Canada in May and June?
Does this near 20% decline from last month's tournament listing mean is it too early or too late to panic?

Upcoming Events: 2018.04-05

A dangerous upward trend, with only 40 chess tournaments across Canada in April and May 2018!
Cash in now, before they're all gone!


Upcoming Events: 2018.02-03

Only 37 chess events across Canada this February and March. What's the matter Canada... don't you love chess anymore...?

Upcoming Events: 2018.01-02

40 tournaments during the two worst weather months of the year!!??
Canadians may be indulging in dangerous levels of chess...

2017-18 Women's Zonal

Canada's Women's Zonal runs December 26-31, 2017 in Montréal. Full line-up. pairings, and current standings...

Upcoming Events: 2017.12 - 2018.01

22  24 chess tournaments across Canada this December 2017 and January 2018.
If you can't quit, you might as well play...  

2018 Canadian Women's Zonal

The 2018 Canadian Women's Zonal will be December 26-31, 2017 in Montréal.
Details and links...


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