Upcoming Events: 2018.04-05

A dangerous upward trend, with only 40 chess tournaments across Canada in April and May 2018!
Cash in now, before they're all gone!


Upcoming Events: 2018.02-03

Only 37 chess events across Canada this February and March. What's the matter Canada... don't you love chess anymore...?

Upcoming Events: 2018.01-02

40 tournaments during the two worst weather months of the year!!??
Canadians may be indulging in dangerous levels of chess...

2017-18 Women's Zonal

Canada's Women's Zonal runs December 26-31, 2017 in Montréal. Full line-up. pairings, and current standings...

Upcoming Events: 2017.12 - 2018.01

22  24 chess tournaments across Canada this December 2017 and January 2018.
If you can't quit, you might as well play...  

2018 Canadian Women's Zonal

The 2018 Canadian Women's Zonal will be December 26-31, 2017 in Montréal.
Details and links...

Upcoming Events: 2017.11

Can you guess how many tournaments there are across Canada this November?

Two FIDE Titles for Canadians

The 88th FIDE Congress in Turkey ended October 15, 2017, with two new titles for Canadians: IM for Michael Kleinman, FA for Vadim Tsypin.

Upcoming Events: 2017.10

Winter is coming... but here are 15 Fall tournaments this October to give you something to look forward to...

Upcoming Events: 2017.09

What better way to "celebrate" the end of summer than with one (or more!) of the 16 tournaments across Canada this September...


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