Upcoming Events: 2019.04-05

Who needs Spring when there are 31 chess events across Canada in April and May... ?

Upcoming Events: 2019.03-04

32 tournaments in March and April mean that chess has survived the winter, and is beginning to come out of hibernation...


Upcoming Events: 2019.02-03

30 chess events across Canada in February and March. Details and links...

Upcoming Events: 2019.01-02


If your New Year's resolutions did not include quitting chess -- or somehow included playing more chess -- here are 19 events where you can go to continue living your best life....


Upcoming Events: 2018.12-2019.01

17 tournaments across Canada in December 2018 and January 2019.
Last chances to end the year right... and first chances to begin the New Year right.


Upcoming Events: 2018.10-11


31 chess tournaments across Canada in October and November 2018. 

Not even one with a "spooky" Halloween theme? Is it because the organizers don't even care anymore?


Upcoming Events: 2018.09-10

 More evidence that over-the-board chess isn't dying as fast as nay-sayers would have it: 31 32 chess tournaments across Canada in September and October 2018. Play in a couple, so you'll have something to tell your grandchildren about...

Upcoming Events 2018.08-09

28 chess events across Canada in August and September 2018. Choose wisely...

2018 CYCC Results

Complete cross-tables from the 2018 Canadian Youth Chess Championships, which finished July 5, 2018 and featured a record 363 players!

Upcoming Events: 2018.07-08

19 chess events across Canada from Canada Day to Labour Day....


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