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BOTW: 2018.11.30

Stockfish 10 Released, AlphaZero Returns, the Speed Championship semis and finals, and a fascinating KID between Stockfish and Leela are this week's Best of the Web...

BOTW: 2018.11.03

With eight World Chess Championships being contested this week, what's not to watch...?

2018 Olympaid: Rd4 Canadian Games

Canada was paired down and won both round 4 matches by large margins; annotated games and links...

2018 Olympiad: Rd3 Canadian Games

In Round 3 the Canadian teams played India and the USA:

BOTW: 2018.08.31

Machine vs Machine, Man vs Machine, Man vs Man, and Woman vs all comers _and_ exhaustion, are this week's Best of the Web...

BOTW: 2018.08.09

Our Best of the Web includes the 2018 Canadian Junior, the preliminary rounds of the world's top computer chess engine tournament, and a rapid and blitz tournament featuring 9 of the world's top 14 players....

BOTW: 2018.06.26

Our Best of the Web is the knockout qualifier, June 26, 2018 at 1pm, featuring four GMs, including Canada's Eric Hansen...

Lethbridge Judge Sentences Young Offenders to... chess!

Based on advice from professors of nursing and education at the University of Lethbridge, a Lethbridge Judge has sentenced five young offenders to study chess with instructors once a week. 

The "Chess For Life" program ran from February to May of 2018, and may be renewed. 

Speelman analyzes Stefanovic

ChessBase asks readers to send in their games for GM Jon Speelman's "Agony" column. This week, Speelman analyzes three games by Canadian Miroslav Stefanovic, against three Canadian opponents: Alex Ferreira, David Southam, and Nameer Issani... all of whose names are misspelled :(

BOTW: 2018.05.27

You know it's going to be a monstrously strong tournament when five-time World Champion Vishy Anand is the bottom seed!  Altibox Norway and Karpov Poikovsky are this week's Best of the Web...



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