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BOTW: 2018.1.12

The 80th running of the Dutch by-the-sea classic is the first major chess event of 2018, and this week's Best of the Web...

BOTW: 2017.12.27

The World Rapid and Blitz Championship, the Canadian Women's Zonal, the Carlsen - Nakamura blitz match, and The Debearding are this week's Best of the Web...

BOTW: 2017.12.15

Karjakin - Nakamura in the Blitz Championship semi-final, Jeremy Silman annotating games played by four Canadians, and whatever is becoming of Alexandra Botez... are this week's Best of the Web.


All 10 available games, with notes, from the epoch-making AlphaZero - Stockfish match...

BOTW: 2017.12.03

This week's Best of the Web is The London Chess Festival, which includes a FIDE Open, the British Knockout Championship, Rapid and Blitz tournaments, simuls, lectures, and more, all topped by London Chess Classic, a 10-player RR featuring 5 of the world's top six:..

BOTW: 2017.11.21

Another mostly-Magnus Best of the Web, with a live Blitz match against Grischuk and two other recent appearances on YouTube, as well as the Grand Prix Final and the start of the TCEC Super-Final....

BOTW: Magnus, Magnus, Magnus

Our Best of the Web is an all Magnus Carlsen edition: with three live events in the next 10 days, and one intense online blitz session you can watch anytime...

BOTW: 2017.10.21

The start of the Schachbundesliga, two matches in the Speed Chess Championship, and the opening Round Robin in the world's strongest computer chess championship are this week's Best of the Web.
From the diagram, White to mate in 10.

Qiyu Zhou report on Jamaica Chess Festival

GM Maurice Ashley's Jamaica International Chess Festival took place Oct. 12-15, 2017.
Canadian WGM Qiyu Zhou wrote a report, illustrated by photos from her mom Penny, which you can read on ChessBase...

BOTW: 2017.10.04

Magnus Carlsen plays Gadir Guseinov in the last match in the first round of the Chess.Com Speed Chess Championship; the trailer to a documentary on the 1978 Karpov-Kortchnoi World Championship match; and TED talks by Judit Polgar and Jen Shahade are this week's Best of the Web...


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