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GOTW: 2016.05.25

This week's Canadian Game of the Week comes from the game Sergey Noritsyn vs Tom Bark at the May 7 Mississauga Standard. A Petroff has turned into opposite-side pawn storms, and White has to decide which way to capture: axb3 or cxb3.

BOTW 2016.05.23

With a lull between super-tournaments, the BOTW turns to other chess news: stories and interviews with GM Evgeny Bareev, Lev Aronian, and Hou Yifan.
Teaser: “There is always (a) price, so I paid my price. I thought I would die.”

GOTW: 2016.05.19

Sambuev - Hebert, 2016 Gatineau Open

Today's Canadian Game of the Week comes from the 2016 Tournoi Ouvert de Gatineau, and features two former Canadian Champions: GM Bator Sambuev vs IM Jean Hébert. More reason to enjoy: it's annotated by a new member of the Newsfeed team: Elias Oussedik!

Three Tournaments on May Long Weekend

Both the annual Keres Memorial in Surrey BC, and the 2016 Ontario Open in Toronto take place this weekend (May 21-23); and the 33rd Trumpeter Classic is in Grand Prairie May 21-22. There's still time, so pick one and enter!

May Tournament Results

Results and links for early May tournaments in Edmonton, Montreal, Arnprior, Mississauga, and Toronto.

Endgame Column #2

Longtime readers of the newsfeed may recall that I created an endgame column awhile back for the newsfeed. You can find it here. Around that time (three years ago!), I had created an additional endgame column, which I have presented here.

GOTW: IM Barron vs. Ivanov,M

The 2016 Toronto Closed is a round-robin event played over two months, with one game per week. After five rounds, the leader is Mike Ivanov, with 4.5/5. Here is his first round win (featuring the Schliemann Attack) with the Black pieces against newly-minted IM Michael Barron.

BOTW: 2016.05.07

It's an all-European Best of the Web: Stockholm for the last rounds of the Hasselbacken Open, Sochi for the second half of the Russian Teams, and Kosovo for upcoming European Individual Chess Championship.

GOTW: FM Yu,Z vs. FM Hirschberg,V

FM Zong Yang Yu at the McGill Open

From the final round of the 2016 McGill Open, I present you with an attacking masterpiece that is worthy of books on how to play the English Attack.

Tactics: Not how to avoid boring equality

This week's Canadian Tactic comes from the Sunday Rapid at the RA Club in Ottawa.
White to play.


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