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The CFC Regular Chess Post – Sept. 5/11 – Toronto Labour Day Open Results.  - Sept. 3-5; 6 round swiss in three sections ( Open; U 2000; U 1600 ) - Organized by the Annex Chess Club – Open section winners – 5/6 pts.: IM Nikolay Noritsyn ( 2631 – 2007 Can. Champion ); IM Tomas Krnan ( 2503 ); FM Igor Divljan ( 2349 – defeated current Can. Champion, GM Bator Sambuev, in Rd. 6 ).  Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator.

International News Today - Sept 8, 2011

Some old business. With the World Cup progressing, probably not enough attention was given to the Botvinnik Memorial (Rapid D-RR) with the 4 top players in the world (Anand, Carlsen, Aronian, and Kramnik). Carlsen missed lots of winning chances on day one and instead of 2.5 has to settle for 1.5. The biggest shock was yet to come as he lost all three games on day 2. I haven't seen any of these games, so not sure what happened to him. Anand played the steadiest chess and was rewarded with a first place score of 4.5.

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 The CFC Regular Chess Post – Sept. 13/11 – Can. WYCC Team - WYCC - November 17 - 26 - Caldas Novas, Brazil.

Candidates Matches Update - Sept 13, 2011

Could this be Peter Svidler's hour to shine? After eliminating the crowd favourite, Judit Polgar in tound 5, he has gone on to eliminate Ruslan Ponomariov in round 6 and advance to the final. Win or lose he will be a participant in the next Canadidates matches.

Vassily Ivanchuk has some winning chances today with the white pieces (Q&pawns vs RB&pawns), but Alexander Grischuk was able to build a fortress ,and they go to the tie-breakers tomorrow.


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The CFC Regular Chess Post – Sept. 20/11 – Can. Chess News Editor. To interested parties, The Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) is currently seeking an editor for our monthly newsletter, Canadian Chess News, starting with the publication of the January 2012 issue.

International News Today - Sept 20, 2011

It's becoming obvious that a daily update has proven sufficiently taxing, but I will continue with this thread, and try to get back on track.Peter Svidler has followed up his recent win in the Russian Super-Final with a victory in the World Cup of Chess. He defeated fellow Russian GM, Alexander Grischuk, by a score of 2.5-1.5. Both players qualify for the 2012 Candidates Tournament, along with Vassily Ivanchuk who captured 3rd place, by defeating Ruslan Ponomariov 2.5-1.5 in the consolation match.

Youth Chess Tournament for Peace - Sept 7, 2011

A full pictorial report on this exhibition tournament is available on the MonRoi website

CFC Ratings Updated - Sept 23, 2011

The CFC website and ratings database were moved to an improved server about 10 days ago, and we've finally resolved the resultant technical difficulties loading the Ratings Database from the CFC local machine.

Some results from this past weekend:

Medicine Hat Open: Sean Perron, Vlad Rekhson and Jordan Schibler tie for 1st.

KW Fall Open: IM Thomas Krnan takes 1st, one half point ahead of FM Michael Kleinman.





The CFC Regular Chess Post - Wk of Sept. 23 - Sept. 29.

The CFC Regular Chess Post – Sept. 29/11 - Ottawa Autumn Open. Starts tomorrow – Sept. 30 - Oct. 2. 5 round round-robin and swiss. 4 sections, with A being a top 6-player RR. At the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa. Rd. 1 @ 7:30 PM. 1st tournament of the Eastern Ontario Chess Association Grand Prix. Website: .

International News Today - September 29, 2011

Three of the 10 rounds at the Grand Slam Masters are complete. With the first half taking place in Brazil, it's possible for those of us in North America to actually watch the games in the evening. This may rank as the highest rated 6 player tournament on record.

The surprise leader is Vassily Ivanchuk, who seems to be continuing his good form from the World Cup, with 2 wins and a draw he has a score of 7 points.